Apulia Grove provides a small batch olive oil processing service.

Our small batch olive oil processing service caters exclusively for small groves and hobbyists. Bookings are open from early April to late June each year, but we email our mailing list to advise because these dates can vary from season to season.

We can accept batches of between 50-200kg of olives. To help achieve the best quality and highest yield of oil from your fruit, we have compiled some growing tips and harvest information. Click here to receive our FAQ via email, which includes our current pricing. If you have any questions that aren’t included, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Please make sure you get in touch or make a booking before you pick  your olives!

We cannot guarantee that we will have a processing session available within 48 hours of your harvest so the best place to store the fruit until it can be made into oil is on your tree. This also helps to ensure that your fruit produces quality, Australian extra virgin olive oil.

Our small batch olive oil processing machine is an Olio Mio 150 which is able to process up to 150kg of olives per hour. In order to make sure we complete the work for your batch within the specified session, we expect you to arrive at the beginning of your booking, or please contact us via phone if you are running late. Deliveries arriving more than 30 minute after the start of the booking session without notification will only be accommodated if our schedule allows and will forfeit the deposit paid if we cannot reschedule the processing booking.

We understand that some of our customers travel a long way to bring us their olives for processing. While we endeavour to complete your batch within the specified session time, we do not offer a “while you wait” service. Sometimes processing doesn’t go to plan and we may require additional time to complete your oil production. Please refer to our FAQ document for information on olive oil return delivery options, and we will always discuss these with you when you bring us the fruit.

We have access to industry standard olive oil processing aids. Using these aids can increase olive oil yields from your fruit, especially where you have unknown or traditional table varieties, or the fruit contains a lot of water due to seasonal growing conditions.

These processing aids are

  • certified Halal,
  • approved for organic use (but not certified organic),
  • do not affect the olive oil flavour and
  • are removed during processing.

We use them when processing our own award-winning extra virgin olive oil, but we will always ask if you want us to use them to help increase yields from your own fruit before we add them.

We want you to get the best tasting, extra virgin quality olive oil you can from your fruit. We are very happy to work with growers to help improve the quality of their fruit over time.

Image of an Olio Mio Olive Processing Machine