Well, that’s it for season 2023. We closed the press officially on Monday 26/6. As our customers may already know, we collect statistics about our work, but what to do we use them for?

Here’s an outline of what we’ve done this season:

Grappled around 14 tonnes of fruit into Ivan, our olive mill, and about the same amount out again in the waste.

Extracted almost 1650 litres of delicious, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for 89 customers, not including our own harvest.

We’ve done this over exactly 100 separate jobs, each averaging two hours forty minutes in duration, plus start up and clean down which adds about half an hour to each job.

Some other points of interest about the season:

The whole process of fruit ripening has run about a month late, and has therefore unfortunately collided with the nasty weather. Once the cold and frosts hit, the season is over. It affects the fruit and the oil quality more and more as winter progresses.

Plenty of people, including us, still have a lot of fruit out on the trees. There’s not much to be done about it–very late season or winter oil is usually not worth pressing.

But maybe we’ll see you next year! In the meantime, all the best from the AG team!